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The Mentors Network

The Mentors Network
Mentors Network is an Ashesi student-led initiative aimed at inspiring, mentoring, and developing students in rural community schools to improve school attendance, academic performance and unleash potentials.
From rigorous research and our personal experiences living and schooling in rural communities, we have noticed many students in several rural community schools do not attend school regularly, often perform poorly in academics, and lack the confidence to pursue their dreams. In the end, such people with great potentials end up on the street or settle for menial jobs for survival. Therefore, our ultimate aim is to provide to transform these young people into agents of change through direct mentoring, inspiration, and exposure to opportunities.
We do this with the support of the Ford Foundation’s Fund for Service to Children through Ashesi University of which are we a two-time winner!


To empower students from rural communities through personal storytelling, mentoring and sharing relevant information with them to unleash talents and lead change in communities.


We envision excellence in all students especially those at rural community schools as we work with them to overcome challenges. We simply inspire students for excellence.

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